Gemuetlichkeit 2011 Concours d’Elegance

Concours d’Elegance FAQs

What is the concours d’elegance at Gemutlichkeit?
Think of it as a big car show open to any year / model Mercedes-Benz. You can enter your car to be judged for awards or choose to display it without judging for everyone to enjoy.

Where will the concours d’elegance take place?
The concours will be held at the scenic Kingwood Center Gardens 900 Park Avenue West • Mansfield, Ohio 44906. All concours entrants including display class will receive free admission to the grounds and access to the estate.







What are the judging categories?
There are 4 categories that you can participate in:
Display—your car is not judged but is displayed in a special area for others to admire and to appreciate
Street—this is the most popular class at our concours. Your Mercedes-Benz will be judged in 4 main areas: exterior, interior including trunk, glass & trim, & engine compartment
Show—show cars are judged in the same areas as the street class cars but will have the undercarriage of the vehicle judged as well. They must be 25 years old and may be trailered to the event.
Silver Star Preservation—your car must be at least 25 years old to enter the Silver Star class. This class is intended to recognize cars that have been preserved in their original state. A Silver Star car will usually show more wear and have more flaws than a typical show car but must be mostly original including paint, interior, etc to receive the award.

What other cars will I be competing against?
Cars are classed by age and body style. For example a newer sedan will be classed with other similar cars and a W113 SL pagoda will be classed with other similar SLs. Points are added for high mileage and deductions are made for street cars that are trailered.

What are the judges looking for?
They are primarily looking at the cleanliness and condition of your car. Originality is also a major factor in the show class.

I’ve never shown my car and I don’t think it is nice enough to be judged
Don’t worry about that—just give it a try. Even the nicest show cars will end up with points deducted from their score so you will not be competing against “perfect” cars.

Want more information?

Attend our regional judging school on May 14th.  Register by mail  Concours_Flyer_web or online here

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