Board Members

Western Reserve Section Officers & Board Members

National Officers / Board Members

  • Mary Alice Cozza, National Secretary / Director at Large:
  • Frank Cozza, Great Lakes Regional Director:
  • Peter Lesler, National President Ex-Officio:
  • Josie Lesler, Director at Large:
  • Terry Kiwala, Director at Large

Section Officers

  • Bill VerDuin, President:
  • John Tuck. Vice President/Secretary:
  • John Morrison, Treasurer:

Section Board Members


  • Tom Barratt, Board Member:
  • Brian DiPasquale, Board Member:
  • Tracy DiPasquale, Board Member:
  • Fred Gesell, Board Member:
  • Gary Goodman, Board Member/Webmaster:
  • Ted Gottfried, Board Member/Tech Director:
  • Fred Gwinn, Board Member:
  • Priscilla Gwinn, Board Member:
  • Sue Morrison, Board Member/Newsletter Editor:
  • Rod Thompson, Board Member
  • Rod Tucker, Board Member:
  • Jim Tullis, Board Member
  • Cynthia VerDuin, Board Member:

Address Changes

 Need to change your address? Please do not send address changes to the Western Reserve Section. All address changes are managed by the MBCA National Business Office. Visit the MBCA National Website or call 800-637-2360.

MBCA National Business Office Mailing address:

1907 LeLaray Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80909